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Dried or Liquid Kelp - Mulch/Compost - Biomax Green Organic Fertiliser - Potting Mix - Seed Raising Mix - Pine Bark - Blood and Bone - Limestone - Reactive Phosphate Rock

Dried Kelp (Organic certified - NASAA)

Pure Tasmanian Bull Kelp (Durvillaea potatorum)
Dried, crushed, milled and bagged
Available in 4kg bag - 25 kg bag

Ultra-fine dust also available 3kg bag

Liquid Kelp or Fish (Organic or fertiliser grade)

From the pristine waters off Tasmania's West Coast

NASAA Certified organic Liquid Kelp

With small chunks of Kelp or screened to 200 microns

Apply to plants or feed to animals

Added nutrients upon request

Available in 1, 3, 20, 200 and 1,000L containers

Kelpomix Liquid Fish is also available in the same size containers

Potting Mixes (and Seed Raising mix)

Basic Potting Mix ideal for natives (pH 4.0)
25L bags - bulk (1/2 or more cubic metres)

Premium Potting Mix with added Kelp (pH 6.0)
Excellent media for various plants
25L bags - bulk (1/2 or more cubic metres)

Seed Raising Mix with very fine material and added nutrients for strong early growth
5L bags - 25L bags

Pine Bark

15mm Pine Bark
For ground cover or feature uses
40L bags - bulk (1/2 or more cubic metres)


Composted green matter from Dulverton

Added Kelp

Chicken Litter from hens not layers

Mushroom Compost

Horse stable manure

25L bags - bulk (1/2 or more cubic metres)


Ground Calcium Ag-Lime

For soil pH adjustment

6kg tub - 25kg bags - 1 tonne bulka bag

Blood and Bone

Blood and Bone

For a broad range of nutrients

3kg bag - 25kg bag

Reactive Phosphate Rock (BioAg)

Reactive Phosphate Rock - Composted near Geelong (Vic)

Works quickly at any soil pH - unlike old RPR which needs acid soil and years for effect.

13% Phosphate and 35% Calcium 1.3% Sulphur

With added biology for initial and sustained release with no lock-up issues

Mixes with extra Sulphur or other nutrients as required

6kg tub - 25kg bag - 1 tonne bulka bag - 24 tonne container