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About Us

Quality, Service and Experience.

Tasmania's premier dried and liquid Kelp manufacturer also supplying liquid Fish - Compost/Mulch - Biomax Green Organic Fertiliser - Potting Mix - Pine Bark - Blood and Bone - Reactive Phosphate Rock - CUSTOM BLENDS

If you are looking for quality dried or liquid sustainably harvested Kelp products to promote healthy soil, plants and animals look no further.

KELPOMIX TASMANIA manufactures a wide range of tailored products to meet the needs of dairy, beef, sheep, viticulture, cropping farmers or gardeners. Based in Devonport Tasmania our customer base spreads Australia wide and now into Asia.

KELPOMIX liquid Kelp can be applied as a soil drench, combined with fertiliser or feed, sprayed onto plants or directly consumed by animals.

The trace elements contained in Kelp benefit all plants and animals. Call today or drop in to chat with us at 4a Formby Road Devonport (behind the Roofing Centre), and see for yourself.

Our Products

At KELPOMIX TASMANIA we do more than just harvest the finest Tasmania Bull Kelp, we manufacture a comprehensive range of products specific to your needs.

Products Type

Products available in 1, 3, 20, 200 & 1,000 litres, kilograms to tonnes or cubic metres.

Before you go any further, contact or visit KELPOMIX TASMANIA today.

Expert Advice

The team at KELPOMIX TASMANIA offer a complete service from soil/plant sample collection, to results interpretation and tailoring of products to meet your production goals.

We are working closely with Steve Solomon of Legana. His book "Growing Vegetables South of Australia" is well known along with Complete Organic Fertiliser (COF). His knowledge/recommendations from the soil test lab he uses in the US may benefit both gardeners and farmers.

If you are looking to improve the health and vitality of your soil, plants, and animals Kelpomix liquid kelp could be just the answer.

Liquid Kelp & Liquid Fish

Kelp as shown improvements in:

Kelpomix Liquid Fish is an excellent product to combine with Kelpomix Liquid Kelp.

Drop in or ring for more information, or arrange a no-obligation on-farm appointment to discover what KELPOMIX can do for you.

KELPOMIX TASMANIA is the premier Kelp manufacturer with superior products, great advice and unbeatable prices!